When to buy Mobile Phones for Kids?


Kids and Mobile Phones

Kids & Mobile
Some parents think it's a good idea for Kids to have Mobiles, others don't think it's such a good idea. It would be good to buy them one, when you feel they are responsible enough to keep one. If they are still in the "forgetting things at school", stage then it's not a wise idea.

Type of Phones suitable for Kids

If you are contemplating buying a mobile phone for your kid, one option is Pay as you go (pre paid). I personally think getting a low paid contract, with lots of Free minutes and text messages is better. Also in times when they need to speak to you or family urgently, they will still be able to make calls and not have the excuse of "No credit" on the phone.

Why Kids need Mobile Phones

Kids & MobileWhy they need Mobile Phones?
**Safety Measures - Sometimes parents work very far away from where their children go to school, so it's a useful tool to keep in touch or for emergencies. Pay phones can be hard to find these days.

**Social life - Kids have that puppy love stage where they talk to their friends a lot on the phone.

** Keeping in touch If I had a child, I'd love to keep in touch with him/her through the course of the day, while I'm at work. It would be nice to Check they arrived home okay, have eaten, done any home work and also to say positive things to them - assuring them of my Love, so they don't think I'm spying on them.

In Summary, as a parent - you will know in yourself when the time is right to give your child a mobile phone. It would be nice to know what parents think about this. Feel free to comment.









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