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WHY IQTutions


    Presence in over all areas makes education easily accessible to students across the Karachi City. Our online website can be accessed 24/7 in all 6 regions of the World.

  • Partners

    IQTutions partners with renowned national and multinational corporations to form a strong professional network allowing its students to derive benefits from the association.

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    Our student advisors and consultants are available round the clock. Any affair related to education can be discussed with these dedicated personnel via phone, chat or email.

  • Credit Transfer

    The Credit Transfer facility allows students to transfer previously earned credits towards their academic programs at IQTutions thereby reducing the time required to complete their education.

  • Flexible Study

    Convenient payment plans allow students to easily manage their educational expenses. Students can choose from a variety of payment options and select the one which meets their specific needs.

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    Our placement department helps our students find lucrative jobs soon after they Intermediate. IQTution partners with reputable organizations to help students find better job opportunities.

  • Career Counseling

    Our dedicated advisors can help you decide which of your strengths and talents can be developed into a solid career. Our career services help our graduates realize their true potential.

  • Resume Writing

    Our team of industry experts will work with you to create a resume that will get you hired. We will be right by your side the entire journey until you have secured the perfect job for yourself.

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Ahmed Waqar Cambridge Class-VII from St Paul School

Our Noble Student

Ahmed Waqar Cambridge Class-VII from St Paul School


  • Good Learning Skill
  • Communication Skill
  • Teachers Favourite


  • Got 80 Percentage in Mid-Terms
  • Success in Each and Every School Project.
  • Teached By Renowned SIR HAMMAD IQBAL
Underground Working :)

Student Section

We offer specialization in diversified fields of study and various concentrations